Need Support?

The game crashes when i start it up.
Delete the game from your device. Try to restart your device and download the game again from the App Store, you won't need to re-purchase.
The game produces no sounds or music.
Make sure the mute switch on your device is turned off. Start the game and check the "Settings" menu option, turn the sound and music volume up if needed.
Can i play this game on my iPhone or iPod Touch?
Paddle Battle was specifically designed for the iPad. The iPhone and iPod Touch are just to small to accommodate the controls and gameplay for two players.
I accidentally deleted the game from my device, do i have to purchase it again?
Once purchased, you can download the game with your device any time from the App Store.
The game crashes during gameplay.
Please use the form on the front page to get in contact with our Support team. Visit the front page.